Short-Term Travel Medical Insurance

Supplement your domestic U.S. healthcare or national healthcare system (coverage guaranteed).

Domestic Major Medical and National Coverage provide little if any coverage outside one's home country. The short term travel medical plans offered by Seven Corners, Inc. are designed to cover the injuries and illnesses one is faced with when sailing or traveling outside their home country. They provide necessary benefits such as; Emergency Evacuation, Return of Minor Children, Interruption of Trip, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Return of Mortal Remains, 24/7 Travel Assistance Services and more.

Liaison Majestic

liaisonmajestic quote

Underwriter: The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, a member company of AIU Holdings AM Best Rating A "Excellent"
What makes this plan unique:
  • From 5 days up to 3 years
  • Political Evacuation/Repatriation
  • Coma Benefit , Must be in a coma for 30 consecutive days, Benefit starts day 31 
  • Felonious Assault Benefit
  • Foreign National’s visiting US, Stroke/Heart Attack benefit $200 day, Max. Benefit $3000
  • Different Medical Maximums-$60,000, $125,000, $600,000 and $1 Million ($20,000 medical maximum option for 80+ yr. olds)
  • Inside US & Canada, After deductible, 90/10% Co-insurance of 1st $5,000, then 100% to Max

Individual Comprehensive/Major Medical Coverage

Annually renewable Major Medical plans for Expatriates (individually underwritten).

Protect yourself with Comprehensive benefits that include Emergency Evacuation, 24/7 Assistance, Repatriation of Mortal Remains, Preventative Benefits, Multiple Deductible Options, Coverage Inside and Out of the U.S. and a $5million Lifetime Benefit.

Reside Blue

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Underwriter: Certain Underwriters of Lloyd’s of London AM Best Rating A “Excellent”
Eligibility:  Reside Blue is available to persons of any country who are at least 15 days of age and who have not yet reached age 75. All applicants/insured persons must be currently or usually an Employee aboard a sea going vessel and expect to be outside of the US at least 6 months per year. Please see the brochure for full eligibility wording.
Period of Coverage: 12 months. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual & annual payment options available.
Medical Limits:  $5,000,000 per Insured Person
Deductibles:  $250; $500; $1,000; $2,500; $5,000
Renewability: The initial Period of Coverage cannot exceed twelve (12) months. The Insured Person may apply for renewal of coverage at the Renewal Rates in force at the time. The renewal Period of Coverage may not total more than twelve (12) months. Renewal(s) will be contingent upon the Insured Person submitting the applicable renewal premiums for their class, as determined by the Company. Renewal(s) will also be contingent upon the Insured Person declaring that they continue to meet the Eligibility Requirements.
Pre-Existing Conditions: If an existing condition is fully and accurately disclosed on the application, and the condition is not excluded or restricted by a rider, your pre-existing condition will be covered up to a lifetime maximum of $50,000 ($5,000 limit per year) after you have been continuously insured for 24 months.
Emergency Medical Evacuations:  $250,000 Limit per person per Policy Period – when adequate medical facilities and/or treatment is not available when traveling outside your current Country of Residence. (Pre-approval required.)
Professional Sailboat Racing Rider: The company will pay eligible benefits (maximum amount payable per coverage period of $100,000) incurred by the insured person(s) as a result of a covered Accident or Illness while participating in professional sailboat racing, subject to all other terms within this certificate. In no event shall the company’s maximum liability exceed the maximum stated in the Schedule of Benefits. With regard to the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit, the company will pay eligible benefits (maximum amount payable per coverage period of 25% of the principal sum listed in the table of Loss(es).

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