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Cruising and Yacht Insurance

Blue Water Yacht Insurance, Inc. covers active cruising boats all over the world. Our goal is to provide insurance products and services that are crafted specifically for active cruisers. By specializing in this one area, we can focus all of our expertise and energy on that single goal. Blue Water Yacht is the leading innovator of marine insurance products in the offshore industry.

Thirty years ago the CEO, Donald Spink, of Blue Water Yacht Insurance, Inc. developed the first two-crew worldwide navigation program for the Seven Seas Cruising Association. Today, we insures thousands of cruising yachts all over the world.

We also have options available for Worldwide Health & Travel Insurance. Twenty years ago, when Blue Water sailors told us that international health and accident coverage was important to them, we built a program specific to their needs. For more information,

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backed by A+ rated underwriters. We can also provide a quote for your boat insurance coverage over the phone. If you compare our quotes on and "apples to apples" basis, our comprehensive marine insurance programs have the lowest prices and the absolute best coverage! Sure, you can find a cheaper policy but when you have a claim, nothing will be covered. The proof is in the policy wording.

Specialized Boat Insurance for Cruisers

Blue Water Yacht Insurance, Inc. provides two-crew yacht coverage worldwide. We designed this program around experienced, safety oriented, owner-operators of sail boats and motor yachts. To qualify, an owner / operator must have the equivalent of 10 years boating experience, established through a combination of boating experience and marine qualifications such as USCG AUX & USPS Courses, USCG License, ASA sailing courses, weather & navigation courses, etc. One fundamental concept involved in safe cruising is to stay out of the hurricane zone during the hurricane season. Our boat insurance quotes are structured so you only pay for the coverage (navigation limits) you need; should your cruising itinerary change, you can always move from any one of the following navigation areas with an endorsement and most of the time, you DO NOT have to change insurance companies!

  • For boats in Florida, the Bahamas, Gulf States or the Caribbean Sea, our policies provide Named and numbered windstorm coverage without restrictions with deductibles as low as 4% with approved Hurricane Preparedness Plan (HPP) that you will provide.
  • If you are in the Caribbean Sea we offer discounts if you are not between 12 degrees 40 minutes N LAT to 23 degrees 30 minutes N LAT while between 55 degrees W LON and 85 degrees W LON) from July 1 to Nov 1.
  • We offer additional discounts for boats not south of 31 N LAT (Florida – Georgia border) June 1 to Nov 1
  • We also offer discounts for boats not North of 12 N LAT (Grenada) June 1 to Nov 1

Other policy provisions we offer are:

  • AGREED VALUE POLICIES: For partial losses, this policy DOES NOT have a depreciation schedule so coverage is new for old. Blue Water Yacht Insurance, Inc. is one of very few boat insurance companies that offer "new for old" on partial losses. Most companies depreciate sails, spars, fabrics, finishes or machinery of the vessel, others have even longer depreciation schedules for partial losses. This option applies to vessels over 25 years of age.
  • LOSS OF USE: A clause which pays the necessary increase in living expenses incurred to maintain the customary standard of living of that Named insured which exceeds one thousand dollars payment under this clause shall be limited to ten thousand dollars for any single occurrence regardless of the number of named insured's. Payment under this clause shall be further limited to the expenses incurred until the named insured settles in a new residence or the vessel is repaired or replaced. No payment shall be made under this clause for travel expenses.
  • EXTENDED NAVIGATION LIMITS: We can extend the navigation limits to include Cuba, Mainland Colombia, Haiti, Venezuela, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Russia, transit of Cape Horn. etc.
  • PAID CREW LIABILITY for private & pleasure use as well as Charter boats.
  • LIMITED POLLUTION COVERAGE with a limit of $939,800 with no additional premium.
  • HURRICANE HAUL OUT COVERAGE: In the event the National Weather Service issues a Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watch or warning for the area where your boat is located, we will share 50% with you the reasonable cost to a) have vessel hauled out of the water, stored until the watch or warning has ended and then launched in the same general area or b) have the insured vessel moved to a safe harbor including docking or mooring fees.

Blue Water Yacht Insurance, Inc. offers Quality US and UK Carriers rated "A+" by A.M. Best & Company. Blue Water Yacht's Worldwide boat insurance programs have become the standard for domestic and international voyagers providing $ 50,000 to $ 5,000,000 of two-crew “agreed value” hull insurance anywhere on the globe. Our International Health Plans have become the most widely subscribed cruisers' health insurance programs in the offshore market.

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